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Over the years, we have discovered that the purpose and goals of students who wish to study abroad varies in terms of financial capabilities. CEPED NIGERIA has trained and dedicated staffs who are highly knowledgeable of the prons and cons, DO’s and DONT’s of studying abroad, students are adequately informed of what it takes to remain abroad without violating any of the immigration laws of that country. Students from secondary and tertiary institutions have benefited from our counselling over time and again which has really helped them in their stay abroad. Through this medium many students are now enlightened of what it takes to Study Abroad in terms of finances and otherwise. We have also been able to counsel students towards making the right choice of institution and country that matches their individual financial budget. Students can now tell that Study Abroad does not only depend on your financial capacity, but having the right information at the right time. We will save your contact on our database and will always send you updates whenever we have upcoming events like this.


CEPED NIGERIA processes its student(s) application forms in due time. However processing time varies with schools; some foreign schools are able to turn around applications to offer letters within 24 hours while others can take couple of days. All our partnering institutions are committed to providing first class treatment to our student applications without any delay; most students end up delaying themselves in the process especially when their admission offer come and they do not have their tuition deposit on ground. In any situation, CEPED NIGERIA is always there to assist students accordingly. When an admission is on the border line we let student know, although we do not have the right to issue admission offer; we however can counsel our students into the right course per time except when they fail to take heed to our advice. At CEPED NIGERIA, Student success is our pride…

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