Tuition Fees

Please be warned that the Centre for Pre-Varsity Education, Nigeria is not in partnership with any website or agent and will not be held resposible for any registrations not carried out on this portal.


The Application fee is scheduled as follows:

IJMB Form:    #5,000, 

JUPEB Form:    #10,000

Kwasu DPF:      #15,000

Bowen DG in ED:     #15,000

Cambridge A’Level:     #10,500 (coaching fee per month)

GMAT,  SAT I & II:     #15,000 (coaching fee per month)

TOEFL,  IELTS:     #10,000 (coaching fee per month)   $200-exam fee

Our tuition fee is relatively cheap and most affordable, your school fees for the programme covers both tuition and examination.

The tuition for IJMB, JUPEB and CAMBRIDGE A’Level is between  #75,000 – #120,000 depending on centre location (for the whole period of the programme) which may paid on instalment (two times or more).

The tuition fee for the Bowen Degree programme is #160,000/year, Kwasu Diploma Foundation -#200,000


The hostel fee is between #30,000 – #50,000  depending on the location of the study centres nationwide. The hostel fees covers the student stay throughout the whole period of the programme. Applicants may decide to stay off the hostel if their chosen centre is close to their parents/guardian’s residence.

GMAT- $270 USD

TOEFL – $200 USD

SAT I & II – $110 USD

IELTS – #60,000

Your school fees do not cover other charges such as accommodation etc, unless otherwise stated. In this regard, you are required to pay for this charges separately, As we are willing to help regarding your accommodation, and this can be booked before your arrival and payment is made once you are satisfied with the provisions and only on your arrival. Recommended books shall be given to you once you come over for the programme.

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If you have any question concerning our fees and other charges, Kindly call 081-1110-1104, 070-8889-7222